App strategy

3-4 hour session

If you just want a fresh pair of eyes or a quick outside opinion, this is the choice you'll want. In a single in-person session, we can run through your app and document usability and user experience issues for you to follow up on.

App refresh

2-4 weeks

If you have an existing iOS or Android app and want to upgrade the interface to a new brand or color scheme, the iOS UI Kit, or Material Design, this is the choice you'll want. We can also work within themes, frameworks, and other design libraries and systems.

App design

4-8 weeks

To complete a full app design (no code), especially from scratch for startups, we need to work on both the user interface, the user experience, and the visual design. We'll produce a combination of wireframes, interactive prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups to help specify the app experience that you will have developers build.